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Baños and its local tour operators have the technical and logistics team which are qualified to give you a unique and safe experience. These adventure activities are controlled and supervised by the municipality through local safety rules and regulations. To hire an adventure tour contact the operators in the city agencies, they all work with certified adventure sports team guides.



Considered one of the most adventurous and attractive activities for tourists here in Baños. Difficulty levels vary between III and V



Just for the wildest one, an extremely exciting experience. A jump on free fall to test your limits, due to the speed you get when you are jumping, you get to feel the swing movement which makes this a very special moment, An adrenaline rush!



Fantastic rappelling through clear waterfalls that can reach 35 meters are waiting for you between incredible landscapes and amazing weather.



Baños counts with some very unique natural volcanic rock formations which are commonly used for this activity.



Vertigo Warrantied! Known as canopy Of zip line, this activity allows you to experience flying through tree tops, or river canyons, while your heart beat increases as the speed goes on…



There are marked trails from which you can observe the kindness that Mother Nature has given this city, from a stunning rain forest to an orchid in its natural state. To take longer tours please consider hiring a tour or a guide.



There are many options to cycle around the Baños areas the most popular one is the Orchids and Waterfalls Route: it has signs and is well preserved. You can see all waterfalls from this route. When you hire a bike please check that it is in perfect conditions, the tour operator should provide you with all the equipment and information necessary for you to have a safe trip.



There are natural routes with signs. For you to go on a longer trip, we recommend you hire a tour or a guide. If your want to know other places and go further don’t worry, you can hire a trekking tour from Banos from one to several days to: Los Altares, Quilotoa, Cotopaxi, Carihuarazo, Chimborazo or to the national parks Sangay and Llanganates.



Hop on a cable car and feel the warm breeze on your face while seeing the impressive medieval landscape of the entry to the Ecuadorian Amazon.



It’s practiced in several rivers of the surrounding areas. In the parish is of Rio Negro or Rio Topo the rivers are considered by some experts as one of the most best in the world for this sport.



For those who have experience, downhill is another option, there are several tracks or routes., Antennas-Chontilla-Lligua; Osohualco – Lligua, Pondoa-Banos, or Plank trail – Baños – Volcano mirador – Baños



From Baños you can hire different tours to visit the mountains and volcanos of Ecuador. It is not recommended to do any of them on your own.