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“Tungurahua the Star Product” of Baños, with 5016 meters / 16456 feet of altitude, active from 1999 to the present date, with peaks of high activity and low periods not established volcano. 400 years of history, 16 recorded eruptions, the volcano and Baños continue to live together. An event that repeats approximately every 100 years, a show with lights and colours, which are seen by thousands of tourists. The local tourism operators organize various tours to admire the volcano from safe areas. The light show provided by the active volcano annually attracts thousands of visitors eager to experience nature at it max in a skilled and safe city.

* (Currently the climb to the volcano summit is prohibited by the authorities)



Following the start of the eruption process of the Tungurahua volcano, the Emergency Operations Committee COE, made by the authorities of the day, being the city’s Meir its President and representatives: National Police Chief Policy, Fire, Red Cross, Church supported in seven operational areas.

Baños have Contingency Plans, Early Warning System, permanent monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by the Geophysical Institute of the Escuela Politecnica Nacional, patrol volunteers living in the volcano, 18 sirens located in strategic locations in the city, has also been implemented in June Temporary Shelters, there have been several mock mobilization, informative maps have been prepared for distribution among tourists, has horizontal and vertical signage located throughout the city, all these linked to 11 years of experience in handling this contingency plans to provide security for the town and tourists.

Locals have learned to live with the volcano, continue training and hard work to give visitors: Adventure, relaxation and entertainment for sure.