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Visit Baños’s and it’s surrounding areas, find the most amazing natural attractions at only few minutes from the main town. Enjoy the beauty and it’s fresh air.



Altitude: 1700 mts
Temperature: 20ºC
Located at 5 minutes from Baños on the way to the Amazon, its warm weather is ideal to do all outdoors activities. There are also available restaurants, which mainly serve traditional meals, chicken soup, tilapia, fritada. Main attractions: Río Ulba, Río Chamana, Río Verde Chico, Río Cristal, Río Valencia, Río Santa Rosa, Río Guámag, Rio Blanco, Río León, La cascada del Silencio, (the silence waterfall) La cascada Ulba (Ulba’s waterfall).



Altitude: 2280 mts
Located 11 km north of Baños, Its population main activity is the agriculture; producing 5000 kilos of blackberries per week, which are commercialised in the surrounding areas. Viscaya is also known as one of the entries to the Llanganates National Park; with it’s too beautiful lakes, one named Laguna de Valencia and the other one Laguna negra or Limonuro & 200 hectares of cloud forest with a great variety of orchids, rivers of clear and pure waters.



Altitude: 1890mts
Temperature: 19 ºC

Located at 3.5 kms from Baños, 
 Its main attractions are a 50 tms high waterfall, river & an amazing lookout. This place is ideal for those who want believe in UFO, people living in the area say that you can see aliens specially when the volcano’s activity is on it’s peak.



Altitude: 2500 mts
Temperature: 16 ºC
One hour’s walk from Baños, which starts in the Pititig Village or 20 minutes drive from the city. Its an farming village whith different lookout areas, La Cruz, La Plancha,Tierra Negra o Jaboncillo, Sigualó, El Chontal, El Sarsal, La Virgen, El Collal, Los Pájaros, There is also a small lake known as Juan Buñay you will also find an eco-tourism information office. There are also cabins and hostels and food services available



Altitude: 2340 mts
Temperature: 17ºC

Located in the skirts of the Tungurahua Volcano at the south part of Baños, with an extraordinary cloud forest is the perfect place for bird watching.
There are also several hikes you can take one of the most famous places, the are is “La Casa del Arbol” which offers food and camping services.



Temperature: 19ºC

The community is located in the north part of town, across the San Francisco bridge on the central bus station area. Once there you can visit the “ojos del volcan” (antenas) lookout which is the perfect spot to view the city of Banos and the Tugurahua volcano./p>



Altitude: 1515 mts
Temperature: 24ºC
Parish located 16 km east from Baños on the way to the amazon, with a tropical and humid weather.
It has a great variety of flora & fauna, one of its well known species of birds is the gallo de peña, within its main attractions we find the beautiful green hills of the Llanganates national park, the Manto de la novia, Cascada del Fantasma – el Placer, Cascada Encañonado del Duende, Dique de Río Verde, Machay waterfalls, EL Pailón del Diablo (50 mts waterfall).
Lodging and food services are also available in the area.



Altitud: 1220mts
Temperature: 24ºC
With it’s tropical weather is also located on the way to the Ecuadorian amazon, 45 minutes drive from Baños. It’s main attractions are the Topo river always used for our famous river rafting adventures, there are natural river baths and more.